Running your own IPFS gateway

In principle, this website should be accessible via one of the existing public IPFS gateways, but in our testing this has proven unreliable (the symptom is a “gateway timeout”). A better way — also in terms of doing it local-first — is to access this website on your local machine instead. All this takes is a running IPFS daemon.

Installing IPFS#

Please refer to the installation instructions on installing IPFS Desktop or IPFS command line for your operating system. If you use the latter, make sure to run

ipfs init
ipfs daemon

The second one will start the IPFS node that you need to keep running in order to access the website.

Accessing the website#

Once your IPFS daemon is running you can access data on IPFS using HTTP on localhost:8080. Since this site is built with docusaurus it needs to live at the root of its webserver. Luckily, the IPFS daemon supports this by resolving content identifiers (which is a hash of the file contents you want to access) from the used hostname. The link on the front page therefore points to a URL like


If you want to make sure to keep this site’s files around even when the IPFS daemon performs its internal garbage collection, you should pin the hash from the URL (bafybeifjnre4ztf5xnemdnobnzyvvpftgypuvymhjgkzm4l233ixlc4ujm in this case). Once this is done, you can access the whole site without needing access to the internet.